New app fills the gap for booking extra staff shifts

Alina Tibble, left, receives her cash prize from Abbotts Barton Home Manager Dee Lovewell.

Every care home in the world faces gaps on its staff roster. Whenever there is a shift that needs covering, we always try to be responsive to team members keen to pick up overtime. Traditionally, that means phone calls, emails and notices in staff rooms to find out who may be available.

Now, we are rolling out a dedicated app to co-ordinate shift booking digitally. Catapult alerts our Nurses, Senior Care Leads and Healthcare Assistants to make them aware of relevant gaps on the roster in their home or other Colten ones nearby. As soon as they have the details, they simply click to accept if they want to do the shift.

The roll-out follows an evaluation of a two-month trial led by Operations Manager Peter Doyle across his homes cluster in Chichester, Winchester, Salisbury and North Dorset.

“It’s a good use of technology,” said Peter. “It saves a lot of phoning around to speak to individuals not on duty and waiting for a call back if they don’t immediately pick up. It also helps us give our own team first refusal on shifts, so minimising the use of agency staff.”

Two team members in Peter’s cluster won a cash prize draw for being among the first to click on the app to accept a shift. They were Alina Tibble at Abbotts Barton in Winchester and Bryan Laury at Wellington Grange in Chichester.

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